About Grandma’s Picket Fence

My name is Lisa, and I love, love, love my grandchildren. And I love doing fun things with them (I’m sure every grandmother would agree). I have eight children, so I have a lot of experience doing the mom thing, but, it’s a little different being Grandma.
Grandma Laptop
I want my grandchildren to have memories of the fun things they did with me, and since I get them a lot, I get a lot of opportunities to play. With 14 grandbabies (and hopefully more on the way), we party a lot. I don’t have to be the bad guy who makes them go to bed early. I get to be the grandma who takes them on vacations, parties hard, and puts them to bed with their tummies full and memories to last a lifetime.

I want to share with you some of the fun ideas I’ve come up with and, more importantly, I hope you will share with me the fun things you’ve done. I would LOVE to hear ideas from other grandmas for things I can do, and I’d be more than happy to post your great parties on here too. Please leave me your information and I will get back with you.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy!

Grandma Lisa