Present Day

IMG_9618My daughter decided about 14 years ago as a newlywed that there weren’t enough days in the year that she got presents. You get gifts for Christmas, for your birthday, and possibly Easter. But that is pretty much it. And when you are in college as a newlywed and have no money, you rely on those holidays for the things you need. So she invented a new holiday: Present Day. Once a year during a time where there are no gifts being given, everyone gets one present…for no reason…just because…it’s Present Day. She did it on the Wednesday before Labor Day and every year since she has continued the tradition.

The best part about this tradition is that it is an easy one to pick up on as a grandparent. If you’re like me, it can get pretty hard to remember all the birthdays for all the children, in-laws, and now grandchildren. But I can plan one day a year that is “Grandma’s Present Day.” The kids all know that if I don’t send things for their birthdays,
they will still get something. One day a year they will all get a small simple gift from me. And the best part is that I can plan it around my schedule. Find a day that works for me, most likely after a pay day, and have fun making a special day for them.