The Candy Game

When we get all the granchildren together for a special night, my favorite thing to do is make my husband, Brad, play the candy game with them. They LOVE this game and ask him to do it for them all the time. As much as I love spending time with the kids, I love even more when I get to watch Grandpa do his thing with them. Sometimes, he substitutes candy with gifts (on very special occasions). He even plays it with his adult daughters and socks every time we all get together. It is definitely a family favorite.

Candy Game

Candy Game

candy game


So, the game goes like this. Grandpa starts with a big bag of candy. It needs to be hidden somehow (in a hat or individually wrapped gifts). He then lets the first person pick a piece of candy out of one of his hands (both hands are closed, so they don’t know what it is), and that gets to be the child’s candy. The next kid gets to either choose the candy in grandpa’s hand (again, hidden) or steal the one the first child got, and so on. He continues doing this until every person has a piece of candy. When one of the children decides to steal a piece of candy from another, the turn goes back to the person who had their candy stolen. They can then choose to steal a piece of candy from another person or pick a piece from Grandpa’s hand. When it gets back to the first person, they can choose to keep the candy they have, steal from someone else, or pick a new candy out of your hand.

Sometimes, the stealing can get a little out of hand if there is one candy everyone seems to want. That is why we use a few specific rules, though you can do whatever works best for your family. These are just the rules we use to keep the game progressing:

  • You can’t steal from the person who stole from you
  • A specific item can only be stolen 3 times
  • There can only be 3 steals per turn

It looks a little like this:

Untitled drawing

When all is said and done, all the kids get a piece of candy, and they sometimes trade at the end. Grandpa is a hero, and we just occupied a good hour or so keeping them all engaged and excited about the game. It’s a win-win. And it always ends in snuggles

Candy game