Gift Giving for your Grandchildren made simple, separated by age and gender, KID APPROVED!

Shop hereDo you need to find a KID APPROVED grandchild gift?

Do you need a birthday gift for a 7 year old boy, a Christmas gift for a teen girl, a meaningful gift for a newborn grandchild?

How often is it a grandchild’s birthday or Christmas or some other holiday and you just plain don’t know what to give as a gift? Well, select above in the dropdown that says, “Grandchildren Gifts” and select the age and sex of the grandchild (or other) who needs a gift. Is it a 4 year old girl, a teen boy, a family gift, a graduation gift or a wedding gift? Select the age and sex and you will see ideas of gifts, that link right to the site where you can order and have it mailed right to your grandchild. It’s that simple!

Kid approved!

Each section has been approved by a child or the same age and gender. So, for example, the 9-12 year old girl section has been approved by my 11 year old granddaughter, Faith. The 6-8 year old boy section has been approved by my 7 year old grandson, Tyler. Every gift in these sections is something a child that age would want.

Gifts reviewed

Many of the items have been purchased by someone who reads this site. If so, we include the product reviews for you as well.

Gifts for Grandpa and even for Grandma

There’s even a section of gifts that grandpa would like and a section of gifts for you, Grandma. If your child says, “What would you like for Christmas Mom,” or your grandchild says, “What would you like for your birthday, Grandma” you and send them to this link. (For fun, if you would like, I can set up a special section just for you. You can tell me the items you want included and we can name it “Grandma and your name” and we can give the link to your grandchild. Let me know and I’ll set it up.

By the way, if you are having trouble getting to the bottom of the list of choices under the Gift section, use the down arrow. Or select from the categories below.

Please let me know if you have ideas! I would love to add to this list. Happy gift giving!

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Newborn Boys
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2 Year Old Boys
3-5 Year Old Girls
3-5 Year Old Boys
6-8 Year Old Girls
6-8 Year Old Boys
9-12 Year Old Girls
9-12 Year Old Boys
Teen Girls
Teen Boys
Family Gifts
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