DIY costumes for your grandchildren

YalaYou might think costumes are for the parents to come up with for Halloween, not the grandparents, but I found last year that sometimes it falls on grandma. Last year, three of my grandchildren ended up staying with me over Halloween and costumes were up to me. I love coming up with and creating my own costumes. If you have ideas, please share them below in the comments for next year. I thought a ghost in a sheet or a black garbage sack and witch hat would work but my grandchildren had other ideas. Here’s an idea that my super amazing sister came up with.

My sister created this snow owl costume for her daughter and she even won first place at their local zoo’s costume contest! She created this costume by gluing feathers with a hot glue gun to a $5 slip. Most of the big craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby have weekly 40% off coupons for your feathers or Amazon (below) has a bag of 50 feathers for only $5.90. A face mask from the dollar store, a little scrolling with a marker and more feathers, add a fabric cape and there you go.

Have a safe and fun Halloween with your grandchildren this year.