Halloween with the kidos

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays with the grandkids because I can do so many cool and creative things. Anything you do is acceptable because it is a holiday about making fun of other things. It is especially satisfying as a grandma to have all the grandchildren over saying “oooh” and “aaaw” over everything I’ve done. We start our party at my house showing off our Halloween outfits and eating fun food.

Halloween Food

Then we move to trick or treating. We are lucky enough to have a golf cart at our house, so we can easily follow the kids while they walk from door to door. It has been one of the best and safest ways to travel on Halloween night. Grandma and Grandpa stay close by, and any kids who get tired can hop in and take a ride for a minute.

Halloween Golf Cart

The older grandkids are able to come and go as they please, and there’s always someone at home and a food-stocked kitchen to greet them. The themed food is the best part of the holiday. I always make Spider-web Soup with Pumpkin Grilled Cheese, Fingernail Carrots, Mummy Dogs, Graveyard Cups, Stuffed Jack-O-Lantern Apples, homemade Apple Cider, and more. Head on over to our recipe page for these Halloween recipes.

I always make sure the grandkids use plastic cups with their names on it because it saves me time doing dishes and saves them from using all the plastic cups in the house. (In this one, we actually froze gummy worms in ice cubes and put it in sprite for their drinks.)

Worms in Ice Cubes

I like to let them help with the decorations, but I usually try to stay pretty simple. Since we are doing so much food and going out trick or treating, I don’t spend a ton of extra time decorating the place.

The Pumpkin Totem Pole

One of the kids’ favorite things to help me with is setting up Grandma’s Pumpkin Totem Pole. I just get a tall, wooden pole, and pound it into the ground. Then, you drill or cut holes in the bottom of each pumpkin, so they can easily slide over it. I bought my pumpkin baskets at the dollar store, so it was very inexpensive. The number of pumpkins you need will depend on the length of your pole. (When we lived in an apartment, we would still make this, but we’d hot glue them all together and just lean it against the wall instead of sticking it in the ground.) I love it when the grandkids help me with the decorations. It is just another activity I get to do with them.

pumpkin totem pole

Pumpkin totem pole


Pumpkin totem pole


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